Citazione del giorno: Definitions

Citazione del giorno: Definitions

butterfliesPhoto by Carlotta Buzzaccarini
«Definitions do not suit me, actually, in my humble opinion, they do not suit the world: they limit things, they make everyone own things without the right to. They are an actual limit, an easier way to make life square shaped. And then you are forced, obliged to think outside the box you built yourself, with your own hands. This is a paradox, and maybe paradoxes suit me. Because definitions are straight lines, limits; paradoxes are closed circles, surfaces, contradictions. A limit cannot at the same time be a place, a contradiction can, therefore a nowhere-place can; a limit is a static division between something and something else, between the probable mud in which you try not to have your boots crumbled and a legendary heaven made of marshmallows and lemon trees, a contradiction is a bowl where mud and marshmallows and lemon trees could coexist.»
(Carlotta Buzzaccarini, Reflective Journal, 2012)

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